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Bing Search Near Me

Stuck for something to do when out and about? Or maybe you’re desperate for a pizza but don’t know where to get one?

Well all these problems and more have been solved with the latest chunk to be added to Wapple Canvas.

It’s called the Bing Search Near Me chunk and is an integration with a number of technologies from those clever folk at Bing. It allows you to search for locations near to you – pizzas, restaurants, golf clubs, fitness centers ... Read more

Bing Maps with Wapple

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the list of chunks available in Wapple Canvas, you’ll have noticed a new one pop up today – the Bing Map Chunk.

What we’ve done is integrate Bing Maps into Wapple Canvas and Wapple Architect, so you can easily create great looking maps, with plenty of options that always works on mobile.

Wapple Canvas Sitemap Chunk

Following hot on the heels of our efforts with URLs for Wapple Canvas powered mobile sites, we’ve created another chunk that should help you SEO your sites to the max.

We’ve created a Sitemap chunk, which displays links to all pages on your site, alphabetically, with nice URLs (if you have it turned on).