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UK Advertisers are Not Addressing the Needs of their Mobile Consumers

Despite a year of dramatic increases in smartphone penetration, tablet usage and big brand success stories, UK brands and agencies have not kept pace with their consumers’ embrace of mobile web and are failing to deliver in the mobile channel.

A shocking 83% of UK businesses do not have a mobile optimised website (download MMA research PDF), juxtaposed against nearly 40% of UK adults owning, and using for a wide range of online activities, a smartphone. In the same study 48% of respondents recognised the need to optimise their websites for mobile and cite an absence of one as a barrier to further mobile marketing activities.

The tide is starting to turn with initiatives like Google’s GetMo that provide UK businesses with the critical tools and resources to support their mobile marketing activity and aid them in establishing their mobile-friendly website.

Our involvement with GetMo is key as we provide opportunities for businesses to quickly mobilise whilst maintaining quality of brand and user experience. It’s time to address the needs of UK mobile consumers and get mobile.Test your Website with Google GetMo