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Unrequited love on mobile web

Mobile web has always been there but its adoption is now growing fast. Last year we blogged that 2011 had finally been the tipping point for it and since then the speed of growth has ramped up massively.

Google reported that mobile web is now growing 8X faster than the internet (mobile marketer)

A recent survey by ZMags suggests that 87% of respondants prefer using the mobile web over apps. Furthermore other research shows if a brand site doesnt load on mobile in less than 10 seconds, just 3 seconds for an e-commerce site, 50% of visitors will go away, and 3 out of 5 will never come back.

See Infographic to the left. Source is: via Wapple on Pinterest

We know from working with thousands of brands that a web site will typically receive an 84% bounce-rate from mobiles. This is almost instantly converted into a healthy 20% of traffic coming from mobile devices following the creation of a mobile optimised web site.

Consumers love mobile web, but hate it when their favourite brands don’t reciprocate, and there is much unrequited love out there. However, rather than hanging around, mobile web lovers will quickly turn their affections to an already mobilised competitor.