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Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress – Version 1.5 Released


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been releasing updates to my wordpress plugin. A bug fix here, a new option there. You’ve got configurable menus, support for Cyrillic character sets and much, much more.

But the backlog of new features has been growing and it needed a big update to clear the decks! So yesterday signalled the release of the latest incarnation of my Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress – version 1.5!

I’ve fixed a load of bugs, added a stack of new options for configuration and written  a really cool new feature that gives you the option of building your mobile WordPress blog in a completely new way! You can read the scoop below or download it for yourself from

Major Improvements

  • You can now build your home page by category. So say you’re a newspaper running WordPress and want to display the latest sport articles as well as the latest news articles.  Well now you can! And you also get to choose which category you want on your home page and how many items in that category to display! Linking to the articles works exactly the same way as normal, just a different home page!
  • The last release of the 1.4 code was to add support for Cyrillic characters. So not wishing to leave our French and German friends  out, I’ve added support for those two languages! Don’t fear though if you need others (Italian or Polish anyone?), they’ll be coming shortly.
  • On a language note, if you want to change the text for any part of the blog that you hadn’t been able to before (Submit text on a search button for example) you can change it whatever you want. If you want it in Ukrainian you can – but equally if you want to just change “submit” to “find”, that’s something that is now available.
  • After an email conversation from someone who wanted to simply redirect the web version if a mobile visitor viewed their blog, I’ve added the ability to redirect your web blog to a mobile version. Most of the time it won’t be needed as the plugin handles everything mobile, but for those who really want to redirect, you can.

Minor Improvements

  • Caption images in an excerpt are tricky, so I’ve given you the option of removing them. Oh, I’ve added better handling of excerpts too. And images. Much better all round.
  • Don’t want to display the post date on the home page (and archive page too for that matter)? Turn it off then as I’ve added an option for it.
  • Added the option for displaying a header logo AND the header text. Not everyone has their website text in their logo so you might need both. Or one. Or neither. The choice is yours.
  • Show a post thumbnail. The first image from your post can now be displayed (and configured) so that you display a nice thumbnail on the home page.
  • Bug fix: Sometimes pages were displayed as if the text was at the top and everything else was at the bottom. Should be fixed now but it’s down to another plugin outputting text too early.
  • Bug fix: Some pages were displaying a “more” link on the home page without any text first. Fixed!
  • There were a few other bugs that appeared when you entered some characters in either post titles, or page titles, or entered an apostrophe in the mobile blog title / description. They’ve all been fixed and tested!
  • Lastly, I’ve improved some areas of documentation. A few fields were misleading and don’t really tell you what they do. I’ve made a few amendments and no doubt there will be more to come. (I like to code, not document!)

Version 1.6? Maybe 2.0?

The next major code release will include an administration panel, so you’ll be able to write and manage posts from your mobile. I’ve got a framework in place for it, it’s not just a case of identifying which admin pages to mobilize, getting on and doing it! Something that big might mean moving to version 2.0 and not just a 1.5->1.6.

If you’ve got any feedback for any of these features, or suggestions for new ones I’ll add all of them to the list in some shape or form. As usual, there are features that people have requested that didn’t make it into this release, but it’s all down on the roadmap and will be addressed at some point!