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Why you need a mobile site, today

Smartphone ownership is nearing 1 billion, meaning your customers are looking for you via their mobiles. Are you ready? How would they feel if they visited your site via mobile right now?

Mobile is the “new face of engagement” [Forrester] it is here to stay and just as the internet made us take a long hard look at how we structured IT, so too does mobile.

Although smartphones can technically access desktop sites the onus is then on the consumer to navigate a cumbersome mobile-lazy site not tailored for their unique needs, assuming they waited around long enough for it to load.

Consider these Mobile Facts:

Mobile Fact

 74% of users say they’ll give a mobile site just 5 seconds to load before moving away. [Infographic]

Mobile Fact

90% of smartphone searches result in an action eg contacting business, purchasing an item.[Infographic]

Mobile Fact

46% of consumers are unlikely to return to mobile site if it didn’t work properly during last visit.[Infographic]

Mobile Fact

55% of Smartphone owners are using #LBS Location Based Services on their mobiles [Infographic]

Mobile Fact

77% of smartphone searchers contacted a local business as a result of finding them on mobile. [Infographic]

Mobile Fact

36% of consumers plan to make future purchases via their mobile device. [Infographic]

5 reasons a mobile site is a must:

Consumers search for what they are looking for, they search via web not via an app store. Ensuring you have a mobile web site enables your consumers to find you.

Accessible A single URL is accessible to all and with technology platforms such as ours, all devices are presented appropriate content meaning it is available for all your customers.

Usable Mobile web requires fast load speeds, quickly consumable content and clear tactile interaction, giving your consumers a positive mobile experience of you.

Connectable. Consumers may be trying to quickly connect with you. Click-to-Call buttons ensure ease of contact as do maps and other location based services eg how to find you.

Engaging. With the personal nature of mobile and mobile web you can interact with your consumers wherever they, whenever they want to and content can be effortlessly shared socially.

Mobile web is an absolute must for every business and the easiest way to open up a channel for your consumers to engage, search, interact and connect with you, quickly and effectively.

Need to maximise your mobile web presence? Have a look at our mobile services or give us a call and see what we can do to make your business mobile friendly, today.