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Yuilop offers free in-app calling

At Wapple we love mobile and we understand when and where to use Mobile Web and when an App is essential, Yuilop is an app worth looking at. Yuilop users benefit from real-time chat and free SMS to over 110 countries and are now able to make free phone calls to any other yuilop user, anywhere in the world.

Connect via a Wifi hotspot to call free from your smartphone, tablet PC, iPad or even your iPod touch. It’s simple to get started: just download the yuilop app, there’s no subscription, no SIM card and no hassle.

“Communication shouldn’t cost anything nowadays“, says CEO Jochen Doppelhammer. “We want to remove the price tag from the mobile communication and change it into what it should be: free and simple!”

Yuilop is a new communication provider, which provides three modes of dialogue: free and unlimited yuilop-to-yuilop calls, free international SMS and instant messaging. Unlike other IM apps, yuilop allows you to send real SMS messages, so the receiver doesn’t even need a smartphone. Additionally, yuilop allows you to send messages to your facebook friends seamlessly integrating mobile with social.

All this is available for free thanks to yuilop’s system of “energy” credits, which users earn simply by using the app to communicate. Yuilop is available for free download from iTunes or Google Play.